HAT prototype system under evaluation by ENESEL GROUP

HAT, is a Digital Health Monitoring System designed and developed for ship rotating machinery by FNT at Sea Services research and development team of vibration analysts specialized in Digital Signal Processing and Control Systems.


H.F.O Purifier


A series of HAT prototypes have been developed for demonstration, and testing onboard a variety of vessels of several companies interested to have a hands on experience of an advance portable condition monitoring system.


The scope of HAT is to support the transition of the shipping industry into the digital era, by diminishing the need for physical surveys and substituting the requirement for vibration analysis by onshore specialists, as part of ships’ machinery Condition Monitoring program. In addition, HAT instantly shares the information of ship machinery condition with fleet managers and superintendents through an on-line data analytics platform.




HAT is an advanced portable vibration meter, equipped with a 3-axis IEPE accelerometer with an embedded diagnostics algorithm. The algorithm is running continuously, analyzing vibration readings and instantly provides to the user a detailed report of machinery condition, analysis findings and straightforward recommendations for remedial actions, if required. A supervised machine-learning algorithm supports and continuously updates the fault indicators values, in order to improve system reliability.




HAT is currently undergoing LR Digital Health Monitoring System approval and is planned to be available on the market by the


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