OCEANKING – HAT ANALYTICS enhance their market footprint

OCEANKING initiated the partnership with HAT ANALYTICS, acting as their exclusive agents for the Greek and Cypriot markets in November 2020, serving the needs of ship operators for condition monitoring of auxiliary equipment. The HAT portable system currently counts more than 130 installations across various vessel types.

The system, equipped with a 3-axis vibration meter:

  • empowers the on-board crew to perform vibration recordings from all the rotating machinery (typically more than 100) on-board the vessel
  • instantly provides machinery condition diagnosis and identifies early signs of malfunction, via an embedded health diagnostics algorithm
  • provides reports and associated statistics to the shore office fleet managers through a cloud-based fleet condition monitoring platform and API services

Lloyd’s Register has approved the system as a Digital Twin Health Monitoring System and HAT ANALYTICS as an accredited Digital Twin Solutions Developer, while ABS has certified HAT ANALYTICS as a Recognised Service Supplier for Condition Monitoring.

As a result, a vessel managed by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement has already received CM notation and currently more vessels by various owners are in the pipeline.: “Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) has selected HAT ANALYTICS and OCEANKING as their preferred partners on vibration analysis, through the deployment of the HAT Digital Health Monitoring System for the condition monitoring of their on-board rotating machinery.”, stated Theodore Ioannou, Group Technical Superintendent at Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement.

OCEANKING and HAT ANALYTICS are rapidly expanding their market footprint aiming at becoming a strategic partner of ship operators in Greece and Cyprus towards their vision for a condition-based maintenance operation.


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